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Change your water - Change your life!
People everywhere are discovering the benefits of Kangen Water®
Make your own pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water which is rich in minerals, and purged of impurities, in your own home!
Kangen - "Return to Origin"
At Enagic®, we interpret the Japanese word "kangen" to mean a "return to origin." Kangen Water® is an amazing product that will transform tap water into alkaline drinking water that is purged of impurities.
Kangen Water®
Kangen Water® is a trademark of Enagic® Inc. of Japan. Kangen has become a household word in Japan and is now used mostly to describe healthy alkaline drinking water which is rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis. Alkaline Kangen Water® is an excellent choice for healthy hydration. Not only does it taste great and refreshing, but it is also highly "drinkable".
Pure Hydration at Home
Enagic® ionizers are used throughout Japan, and now they are available to you today! Enagic® has worked hard to perfect a cutting-edge consumer water ionizer unit to produce Kangen Water® in the home. They succeeded beyond their expectations and were able to develop machines that could be sold to consumers for the same cost as many other home water filtration systems.

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Electrolysis is the process that separates water into alkaline and acidic water. The desired pH level of the resulting water can be selected by the operator of the machine. The pH of the alkaline and acidic water will always add up to 14. Therefore, if ideal drinking water of pH 9.5 is selected, medium acidic water of pH 4.5 (used mainly for skin care) will also be produced. If strong acidic water of pH 2.5 (a strong disinfectant with many important uses) is selected, strong Kangen water of pH 11.5 (a powerful solvent used mainly for cleaning) will also be produced.
Why Kangen Water®?
Kangen Water® has a pleasant mild taste. But there is so much more to this water! Kangen Water® also has a negative ORP level. Remember how apple slices turn brown when oxidation occurs? Similarly, you should stay away from substances with positive Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and choose foods and beverages that instead have negative ORP levels.
Kangen Water® has many uses!
The uses for the 5 types of Enagic® water are endless. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with your Enagic® machine:

Strong Kangen Water - use for food preparation and cleaning

Kangen Water® - use for cooking/drinking

Clean Water - use for drinking

Acidic Water - use for beauty and personal hygiene care

Strong Acidic Water - use for cleaning and sanitizing

Enagic® is the Premier Company
Enagic® manufactures water processing machines capable of producing Kangen Water®. They are unquestionably the leader in the industry.
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Enagic Kangen water 9.5 PH
"Kangen water 9.5 PH - 916xyz.com". The company is a 43 years old and does ov
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Kangen Water Overview.
Change your water change you life. Kangen water is an amazing technology out of Japan, so look no fu
[ watch video ] Kangen Water Overview.
Introducion To Kangen Water! Eye opening !!!
Enjoy the video! You will get to know the amazing properties of Kangen Water,
[ watch video ] Introducion To Kangen Water! Eye opening !!!
What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water
Doctors explain about Kangen Water, how it helps the body.
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Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water Demonstration
Spectacular demonstration on Kangen ionized alkaline water.
[ watch video ] Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water Demonstration
Enagic - The SD Series Kangen Water.
Enagic - The LeveLuk SD Series Kangen Water Machine
[ watch video ] Enagic - The SD Series Kangen Water.
Oxidant or Anti-Oxidant?
Compare the oxidation levels (ORP) of common drinks to Kangen Water®!
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Cleaning Food
How Kangen Water® can clean your produce!
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Machine Demo
See the SD501 Kangen Water® machine in action!
[ watch video ] Machine Demo
ENAGIC Business Presentation
Change your Water.... Change your Life!!!!
[ watch video ] ENAGIC Business Presentation
What is Kangen Ukon Turmeric
Kangen Ukon
[ watch video ] What is Kangen Ukon Turmeric
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